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Country Cool was founded with an enduring vision: to strengthen the bonds between growers and receivers by celebrating the American farmer. We’re sowing deeper connections to our rural roots and our love for this land. We put a portion of every purchase toward education, partnerships and outreach programs. The threads woven into the fabric of every Country Cool piece will knit together generation after generation that care for this land and tend after its creatures.

Don the pride you have for the farmers of this country. Be showy about the grit and perseverance we live by. Unapologetically wear your rural love at the co-op and markets, in your truck and on your four-wheeler, with your boots and favorite jeans to a concert. Trends come and go, but it’s never out of style to be Country Cool.

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Our Story

Country Cool started with two — of course very cool — very country kids. Grown and raised 20 miles from each other as the crow flies, Mark and Kimberly lived the rural life from the get-go. Farming runs deep through generations of both their families. All their land was lush. Year after year, they grew alongside the livestock and crops.

As adults, once Kimberly met Mark, she agreed to keep it country and keep it cool, marrying him in 2014. Together, they tended their land and watched it flourish. And all the while they grew their family with six beautiful children. Both were living the dream life filled with purpose and passion.

But every good story needs a challenge. And Kimberly and Mark met theirs in 2022 when they stepped outside their world of grit and growing to find younger generations disconnected from agriculture. These were people who didn’t understand where their food came from. They were a generation that didn’t feel a connection to American farming. Some who even had a farming legacy had lost touch with their family’s roots.

So Mark and Kimberly got to work developing a solution. They cultivated Country Cool to bridge this disconnect and to expand roots to link the growers with the receivers. The threads woven into the fabric of every Country Cool piece knits together generation after generation that care for this land and tend after its creatures. Because every American is fed from this soil. The bread basket, the green belt, the fields and the farms fill every plate in the USA. Like the bounty of agriculture, Mark and Kimberly are committed to unifying the people of our country and uplifting the deep connections we all share.


Our Greater Purpose:
Spreading Good Seeds

Country Cool apparel celebrates our real American celebrities: the farmers, the land-keepers, the producers and ranchers, the stewards of sustainability and sustenance. But Country Cool is more than that. It’s also about the expansive network of roots between grower and consumer, expert and dreamer, rural neighbor and friend.

We’ve got big hearts in the countryside. If a neighbor needs help, we’re there in a jiff. And all around America, we see our nation-wide neighbors disconnected from the land, their food and their providers. So we’ve committed to applying a portion of every purchase to re-connecting generations of Americans with our agricultural families and our rural values. From supporting educational programs and attending speaking events to building partnerships and more, we are building a grassroots movement to make Country Cool a reality for all Americans. Contact us if you are interested in partnering to plant good seeds in our communities.

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